Nuith (synth-rock), is a duo founded in 2021, composed of Parisian producers Fred Nout (lead vocals, guitar/synth, production), and Alexia Charoud (keyboards, production, guitar, vocals). The tracks of their first EP, “Ode to Beauty and Chaos” released on October 7, 2022, develop a cosmic and occult atmosphere, served by synths that borrow from the new-wave and guitars turned to the alternative and industrial music.

On stage, the duo offers a set mixing the power of rock and atmospheric moments, the machines and keyboards carrying voices, saturated and synthetic guitars.

Fred Nout is a producer/mixer/musician. Formerly guitarist and singer of the trio Citadel_ (Musea), has produced and mixed many records of bands such as We Insist! (Vicious Circle), The Latitudz (Zamora Productions), Zarboth (Orienté Bancal), or more recently Mule Jenny (Grabuge records).

Alexia Charoud is a producer/musician, who did her first gigs in London clubs. She participates in many multidisciplinary and experimental projects (multimedia art, interactive experience design, dance). Her first solo EP, “I-Refrain”, was released in 2020.